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My Submission for Search for a Star 2019. Meet Xu the Tainted, an Exiled warrior from the Order of Providence.

For Search for a Star 2019, I wanted to push myself as an artist. The last character I made was in 2017, so to update myself and my skill set I wanted to go big. With that in mind, I found interest in creating something that would have triple A limitations, with regards to polycounts, detail and texture size. 

This is the product development sketchbook for my Search For A Star Entry. An outline of my inspiration, design processes, workflow. During this sketchbook, I decide to switch the format to day by day as unfortunately, before the holidays I sustained an injury to my main hand and was unable to work for 5 weeks.
I’d like to thank SFAS for allowing me an extra week to work on it.


M_Throup_SFAS_Final.zip 316 MB
MThroup_Sketchbook.pdf 6 MB
turntable3.mp4 62 MB

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